Hello, I'm a friendly neighborhood

UX / Product Designer


Digital product design

with a human touch.

Prototypes, marketing pages and design systems which are visually pleasing, user-centric and easy to use.

Design System

Skillcrush 2020-2021

I love making sense out of mess. Skillcrush's modern design system has cut down on redundant code and time spent making design decisions.
User Research
Creative Direction

Marketing Design

Skillcrush 2019-2020

Redesigning some pages on Skillcrush's marketing site has lead to a jump in quality lead conversion and increased product understanding.
User Research
Competitive Analysis
Web Design

Learning Platform

Skillcrush 2020-2021

Working with technical constraints, business goals, usability testing & user research - I've recently worked to create a new student dashboard to drive more students making more money from Skillcrush's technical courses.
User Research

Design Can Be Messy

My process will vary a bit depending on the constraints and goals of the project. That said, below is generally how I approach projects:


I'm a firm believer in a continuous discovery process: talking to users weekly and figuring out their biggest pain points to turn them into product opportunities.

Problem Definition

After the discovery phase, I  collaborate with stakeholders to analyze all the qualitative and quantitative data available to clearly define the problem for my designs to solve.

Prototype & Test

The most fun part: making hypotheses and testing them! From lo fidelity documents to hi fidelity clickable prototypes, I'm able to determine the prototypes needed to get the answers my team needs in the fastest way possible.

It'sa me! ✌️

I help people and brands reach their goals by designing user-centric digital products.

I currently reside in Orlando, FL and work remotely at BrainPOP as a Senior Product Designer.

The two key pieces to my design philosophy:


Outcomes Over Output

Are we creating for the sake of getting features into development or solving real problems? My design philosophy and working style emphasizes creating value for users over shipping tons of features.

Co-creation Over Validation

When we wait too long to test designs, we end up getting feedback too late in the process, and are subject to confirmation bias. I like to emphasize getting feedback early on, comparing multiple prototypes, and co-creating with users.

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